Friday, March 21, 2008

Who am I....

My Velobanjogent site is a place for me to publish the many archival photographs collected over the years, relating to motorcycles and more specifically Velocette motorcycles. As the title indicates, there is some banjo in there somewhere...I'm a 4 string jazz banjoist, playing regularly in groups from 2 to 7 in number. My interest is in Vegavox banjos..but more of these later in a blog.

As a member of several Velocette Owners clubs throughout the world, I come in contact with many like minded folk, currently am the editor and have been for the last 5 years of the Australian Velocette Owners Club magazine, Fish Tail Down Under ( FTDU ) and much of my literature and photographs find their way into this publication.
What of the photo above? Yes I'm an eccentric..who else would ride a motorcycle in the winter, even in Australia?..pic shows DQ and Mrs DQ, the long suffering Judy throwing the snowball and our 500cc BMW R50/5 to right rear..the very bike we rode overland to Europe from Australia a year later in 1974. That tale for a later blog....

Finally for over 25 years I ran my motorcycle instrument business...KTT Services, catering for a worldwide clientele...regrettably all good things come to an end and I no longer take in work, however I still make special motorcycle instruments to what...?

5" Vincent Black Shadow 150mph/250kph speedos, Indian 741 100mph replica Stewart Warner speedos, Smiths ATRC 80mm dia. competition tachometers in anti-vibration rings in scales from 9,000rpm to 22,000rpm to name some.
I think I must be eccentric...but then aren't we all in some way...with my above mentioned long suffering wife ,Judy, a daughter Felicity who is an archeologist, 6 banjos, 6 motorcycles and the messiest office you've even seen, I am sure I'm eccentric!
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Taff said...

I hate to say it but darn it! its a better site than one of mine. see Velo winning the Mainland Britain TT in 1948 have any pic you feel like taking.

Look in & on the Page Jack Daniels from 1937 you can again get a Velo surprise.

I think you know of

Without the help of Dave martin these would be far less interesting, 'he is Welsh & lives in New Orleans!