Friday, May 9, 2008

DQs absence from Sydney, Sat.10th May until Sat.24th May 2008

I’m out of Australia for two weeks and so no new blogs until I return.
I’m visiting North American Velo OC friends and attending with them the 2008 NA VOC “Spring Opener” weekend at John and Sue Ray’s “Rancho Veloce” in the Napa area, north of San Francisco.

My 1948 KSS engined/1960 scrambler special.
Mick Felder with his Venom.
Mick Felder and I are travelling up to Paul Adams place, some 500 miles from LA area with our Velos…my KSS/scrambler special ( more of it in a future blog) and Mick’s Venom…a little riding in the area around Lake Tahoe, some “tyre kicking” and then off to the “Spring Opener”.
Attached are a variety of pics from past US trips, my KSS/Scrambler special ( more of this in a blog on my specials) and pics of Mick Felder and Paul Adams with whom I’m spending time.
Perhaps a report in a future blog.

The US/Canadian relationship in the NA Velo OC.
Paul Adams with his 1956 Venom Left click on photos to enlarge.

Mountain scene on a previous US Velo OC Rally.
My KSS/scrambler special in Mick Felder's shop in Los Angeles.
Check out my blog around 26th May.....

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Anonymous said...

Over the years of me gaining the little knowledge I have of classic (real) bikes and getting to know their owners and thier attitudes, I've ended-up calling some of them 'Mr motorcycles' or 'Mr Motorbikes', or even 'Mr Two-wheels' - because of their unending knowledge and offers to help, plus thier all-round-kindness to the new-comers (like me). So what do we call DQ - I can only think of one title: Mr Superb!