Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into some more photographs that I want to share with you….

This blog's selection is a bit of a "pot-pouri" selection.... I suffered the old "blue screen of death" with my computer during this last week, so have been off the air rebuilding it... thus a hastily cobbled up group of photos this time... but all good viewing just the same....

The rotary valve NSU 125cc engine is a bit of an enigma to me...I took the photo at Veloman Heinz Limber's friends storage place near Neckarsulm, Germany around was an experimental attempt by NSU with this form of valve arrangement.

This is a favourite shot of mine...erstwhile managing director of Veloce Ltd, "Bertie" Goodman, flat on the tank of a cobbled up KTT special testing the new Velocette telescopic forks.Likely around 1950... he was a real "racer's racer"

Hard men in the 1950s...... road racing with ribbed front tyres on gravel road circuits...pictured at Quornhall, Tasmania, during the Junior TT. #21 ridden by D.Powell, Mk.8 KTT e/no. KTT1015 with #74 Max Stephens, Mk.8 KTT e/no. KTT1025.

Below, Pietro Taruffi, Rondine Gilera, sets a new world record..but where and when?

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