Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas from The Velobanjogent for 2008

Christmas is on us..the end of 2008 just a week away, so I thought I'd share a pot-pouri of photos with particular theme or order...well they are likely Velocette orientated...
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Seasons Greetings.....
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This first photo was part of a Christmas card sent by Veloman Gert Boll from Germany years back..."all I want for Christmas is a Velo KTT...".Photo credit, Gert Boll.

The second photo is part of a panorama of 135 plus Velocettes lined up at the Australian Velocette Owners Centenary of Velocette in 2005 at Richmond, NSW.Photo credit, Dennis Quinlan.

The third photo shows Aust.VOC patron, Anne Frampton, Bertie Goodman's daughter and of course part of the Velocette family, presenting the Roly Walker trophy to Tim Thearle at the Centenary of Velocette Rally.Photo credit, Dennis Quinlan

The fourth photo is the VOC of the Netherlands special stand for the Centenary of Velocette in Holland.Photo credit, Carl Drees.

The fifth photo is the late Arthur Wheeler with Ivan Rhodes at the NZ Classic races at Pukekohe, south of Auckland, New Zealand...can't remember when.Photo credit, Dennis Quinlan.

The sixth photo shows Bruce Phillips with Leo Andrews and Leo's Australian Army prototype MSS Velocette. The army had two sent out in 1960 for evaluation, however no contract eventuated.Photo credit, Colin Hanger.

The seventh photo shows the disposal label attached to the army MSS in 1964, when Leo purchased it at auction in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo credit, Colin Hanger.

The eighth photo features Queenslander Les McKitterick about to cut the Queensland centre of the Aust.VOC centenary of Velocette cake.Photo credit, Colleen Canning.

The ninth photo shows Manxman Neill Kelly aboard the L.J.Stevens Velocette Venom Thruxton Veeline that won the 500cc class in the 1967 IOM Production TT.Photo credit, "Motorcyclist Illustrated", London.

The tenth photo is the Velocette stand in September 1967 at the Earles Court Motorcycle Show.Photo credit, "MotorCycling", London, now Mortons Motorcycle Media.

The eleventh photo is in January 1966 near Broken Hill on the Barrier Highway in Western NSW. Stinking hot...115F in the shade and we had a puncture in Jim Day's 1956 MSS rear wheel. My 1961 Venom is beside, showing evidence of a fall on the rough earth roads of the area. Canvas water bags, favoured for outback travel are in evidence.Photo credit, Dennis Quinlan.

The twelth photo shows me, fettling my Velocette KSS/Scrambler special during the 2005 US Velo Clubs Centenary of Velocette rally.Photo credit, Jim Day.

Finally I had to feature a banjo joke.... the artist, Gary Larson of "Far Side" fame is a banjo nut and I acknowledge use of his cartoon.
Seasons Greetings......

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