Sunday, September 27, 2009

Racing in Australia, with the emphasis on Velocette…more photos from bygone times...

About a year back I did the blog with some Australian racing Velocette photos...time for some more.
I try to keep records of the pics I've used during this blog, but occasionally I duplicate one...sorry for that, but then they are generally worth a second look....
Acknowledgment to a variety of sources for these photographs...Graham Roberts, Keith Militch, unknown folk, Morton Motorcycle Media Group.
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Stanley Woods during his Australian tour late 1936 to early 1937, with two works Dog Kennel SOHC Velos...a 350 and a 500. The 350 is still in OZ, the 500 ended up back in the UK.

Stanley with wife Mildred and the "loaner" car coutesy of Lord Nuffield, likely in South Australia 1936.

Diminutive Sid Willis, Aussie 250 ace in the late 1940s,early 1950s, always had the use of ex factory racing engines, which he used to good effect. Pictured on the start line at the Little River circuit in Victoria.

Sid Willis's 250 DOHC racer, pictured outside his house in 1952, likely before he left for Europe where he finished 5th in IOM 25o TT , after getting a swinging arm from from Doug Beasley to replace the rigid frame as pictured which caused Sid some problems on the cobblestone circuits of Europe.

Bathurst early 1937, Stanley Woods is pictured with some Australian racers and members of the Bathurst Council, surveying where the soon to be built Mt.Panorama road race circuit would be.

Bathurst Easter 1940, the finish of the Junior Australian TT....after 100 miles of close racing, Dave Jenkins, Mk.7 KTT Velo, just defeats Jimmy Madsen 350cc Excelsior Manxman.

Tasmania in the 1980s, the late David Ride finds the ex Sid Willis post war 250cc DOHC Velo engine. Sid had this finally as a 74mm bore and 58mm stroke. In poor condition... it was restored and fitted into a metisse frame.

Don Bain, 350 KTT Velo, after winning the 1932 Australian Junior GP on the Old Vale Circuit ( pre Mt.Panorama) at Bathurst.

Eastern Creek circuit, Sydney, October 2005, Malcolm Sullivan speaks with the late Allen Burt, wheelchair, with Malcolm's nice 250 MOV racer in front.

December 1936, outside Lou Borgelt's Velo shop in Adelaide...the two Stanley Woods factory Velocette racers.

1954, Mt.Druitt circuit, west of Sydney, during the first 24 hour production race held. Ron Kessing, overalls with his MSS Velo, L to R...Don Wilson, Allen Burt, Bobby Brown.

Les Diener with his 250 MOV racer, likely in the late 1940s.

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