Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another visit to Keith Bryen's photos of his time on the Continental Circus, during 1957 riding now for Moto Guzzi...

Time for some more photos kindly loaned to me by Keith Bryen, who you'll remember was one of the small group of Commonwealth riders who travelled Europe, usually in older English vans converted to motorhomes or supplemented with tents, to participate in the various Continental Motorcycle Grands Prix.
We're still in 1957...Keith has a works ride with Moto Guzzi and the following pics are during July at the Belgium GP at the 8.76 mile Francorchamps and the German GP at the Norisring circuit at Nuremburg.
Keith finished 3rd in the Junior at the Belgium GP and won the Junior GP at the Norisring.
 My friend Gert Boll, who lives in Germany is quite sharp on detail and emailed me with some corrections.
The original text with the photos as given to me by Keith Bryen were right, but I must have had a "Senior moment" and incorrectly labelled them.
I've now corrected them.
The Norisring is at Nernberg, not The Nurberbring and the first photo is at Assen, The Netherlands.
Thanks Gert...

The field gets away at the start of the 350cc Dutch TT at Assen.

At the start of, during and at the finish of the Belgium GP at Spa-Francorchamps.

The start-finish area at the Norisring, Nuremberg.....

On the podium after winning the Junior German GP. Second place Vally Lundberg is to the left and fellow Aussie, Eric Hinton who was 3rd to the right.

Vally Lundberg congratulates Keith.
After the event...L to R. Harry Hinton jnr, Keith Bryen, Eric Hinton and Vally Lundberg.
Moto Guzzi works riders, Aussies, Keith Campbell and Keith Bryen at the Moto Guzzi depot.


daveinnola said...

great stuff , its realy nice to see color pictures from the golden era thank you

Anonymous said...

I think Helmut Hallmeier congratulates Keith. Nice Pictures.
H. Schubert