Monday, April 26, 2010

A selection of miscellaneous small photos I've aquired over the years.....

Over the years I've collected small photos...what do I mean by that...well the size that came from Kodak box Brownies etc, around 30 x 40mm, perhaps 45 x 60mm, often sepia toned. 
Who took them or "owns" them is a mystery.....although on reflection the last two were taken by Ulsterman Barry Sewell and others of his pics feature elsewhere in my blog.
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George Himing rode in IOM TT 1927-32 on Zenith,Montgomery, AJS, Rudge and OK Supreme.
Leo Davenport, wins the 1932 Lightweight TT on a 246cc New Imperial.

Italian Omobono Tenni, 250 Moto Guzzi, 1935 Lightweight TT, IOM

Evening practice, IOM TT 1938, #3 Putt Mossman, OK Supreme, #29 A.R.Foster AJS

1938 IOM TT races, #12 S.A. Sorenson 249cc Excelsior, #29 J.C. Galway 249cc Excelsior, Lwt TT.

Unknown, likely during the 1926 IOM TT and at Governors Bridge hairpin.

BMW Rennsport outfit, Ulster GP 1954.

Geoff Duke, 493cc Gilera/4, Scarborough, Sept.1953

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daveinnola said...

on the unknown could #15 be cw johnson on a cotton? during the 1926 tt