Monday, August 9, 2010

Phil Irving's small notebooks, a look at a Vincent oriented pages

This the final of several blogs devoted to a small notebook 4 1/2" x 6" written by Phil Irving..."PEI" and  appears to have been started following WW2 at his time at Vincent and continuing when he returned to Australia and was involved with Cooper-Vincent racing cars.
Again there is no comment from me on the content of these following pages but I strongly suggest you read PEI's Autobiography to give you an insight into the man and the information on the record attempts documented at Jabbeke in Belgium.
He wrote in four other little black notebooks at the time he was in the UK in the 1930's, mostly Velocette oriented, but with a little Vincent comment, including some personal correspondence with Phil Vincent and himself and some photos.
These were published in an earlier blog and if you go to the subject listings on my blog on the RHS and click on Phil Irving literature, all the stuff I've done on PEI will be viewed in order.
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