Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lets look at more archival photos from Keith Bryen, Aussie privateer in the 1950's who eventually "bagged" a works Moto Guzzi ride in 1957

As mentioned in the previous post I appeared to have overlooked some more photos I'd received from Keith Bryen some time back.
You can view all the posts of Keith's special photo archive by typing his name into the search facility on the RHS of this blog....
These are popular and I feel important, as they allow you to travel with a privateer on the GP motorcycle circuit in an era many considered some of the most exciting in the history of motorcycle racing....
Now that's a serious statement and I won't be drawn into the argument...as a motorcycle enthusiast I enjoy reading and viewing all items from our sport....
So, left click on the following images to enlarge them and savour the times.....
IOM TT 8.06.1956, Keith readies for the start in the Senior TT...he retired during the race.
After the Senior TT in 1956, Aussie Barry Hodgkinson who came 22nd on a Norton and Canadian Gerry Robarts who finished 15th on a Norton....
23.06.1956...Thruxton 9 hour race in which Percy Tait and Keith, pictured, won the 750cc class....
30.06.1956, on the grid for the 350cc class of the Dutch TT, Keith finished 14th.
Ready for the start of the 350cc Dutch TT, 30.06.1956.
Start of the 350cc Dutch TT, 30.06.1956, Barry Hodgkinson and Fred Cook...
Keith is flagged into 14th place in the 35occ Dutch TT, 30.06.1956.
Start of the 500cc Dutch TT, .30.06.1956.
Assen for the Dutch TT, June 1956, Bob Mitchell and Eric Bliss.
A typical overnight stop during the 1956 "Continental Circus", somewhere in Belgium.
Ready for the start of the 350cc Belgium GP, 08.07.1956, Keith finished 13th.
Start of the 350cc Belgium GP,08.07.1956.
On the grid for the 500cc Belgium GP, Keith finished 10th.
In the paddock for the German GP at Solitude, 1956.
Gwen with Bill Hall, closest to camera and Barry Hodgkinson having a "cuppa"...
Awaiting the start of the 350cc German GP, Solitude circuit,22.07.1956.
On the grid for the 350 German GP at Solitude..Keith #98, with Ken Kavenagh on the works Moto Guzzi.
Start of the 350cc German GP,30.07.1956.
18.08.1956, practising  at Sachsenring on the Hohenstein-Enstthal circuit...those cobblestones...aghhhh
August 1956 at Sachsenring with Bob Brown.
02.09.1956, bound for Tampere in Finland.Keith finished 7th in the 350cc race.


Ayasha Kieth said...

I like your post, it helps us reminisced the past event and bikes. I love it.
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Hi there.

I am currently restoring Barry Hodgekinson's 1956 Manx. Sadly much of the engine is lost so will be replacing it with an all original Norton Manx engine, Norton records tell me this went to Fichler of Vienna in 1962 who supplied Bert Schneider and Ladi Richter. I can be contacted if interested via www.JALRestorations.com