Saturday, November 19, 2011

Early motorcycling photos...bought for me over the years by my late aunt Flo....

My late Auntie Flo, bless her heart, was always on the lookout for little treasures to give my sister and I...
With my interest in motorcycling she often came across small photos in antique shops...
Early motorcycling photos, which I really haven't scrutinised carefully, nor utilised until now.
Real early stuff from the 1910 to 1920 period and all UK stuff....
They carry a sticker, "Demaus Transport Photographics, Stagbatch Farm, Monkland, Leominster, Herts, HR6 9DA"..
I suspect they acquired them and popped them into the small envelopes with the label, although they may have the negatives.
Either way I acknowledge their involvement, but for  sure my Aunt never purchased from them directly.
So lets view them together.....
Left click on the images to enlarge them, although Google has altered their blogger format such that the images when clicked on are no longer large, assuming you load large files as I do...can't fathom why....
F.A Applebee, winner of 1912 Senior IOM TT astride his 3.5hp Scott. On his right is J.R. Haswell, 3.5hp Triumph who finished 2nd and was the first private entry and the first single cylinder machine to finish.
Coalport speed hill climb,1911. A rider pushes off at the start.
North Middlesex MCC, Start of a road trial, circa 1913.
1919 Sunbeam outfit, Madresfield Speed Trials 1921.
Brooklands 500cc 1 hour race, 29th May 1920.
Triumph, circa 1914.
F.W.Giles, 3.5hp Triumph at Hopton Bank hill climb, circa 1913.
Jimmy Guthrie (AJS),left, winner Lwt TT, IOM, 1930.
The N.U.T. with which Eric ( who??? no surname given ) won the 1920 Sunbac Colmore Cup Trial.
Coalport Hill climb, circa 1911. Extreme left is A.J.Stevens of AJS in the same gear he wore for the 1911 IOM TT.
Redditch and DMCC road trial, circa 1913.
Another 1913 Senior contestant was H.Petty (Singer) seen here at Brooklands shortly prior to the IOM TT.
Indian riders for the 1913 Senior IOM TT event. The machines are wearing their practice numbers.
Water cooled Williamson flat twin in a trial, circa 1913.


Anonymous said...

These are terrific photos. Thanks for posting them. Any more?

The Velobanjogent said...

I've a small number of pre 1920's items to post...shortly.
Keep logging into my blog...
Dennis Quinlan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some really great photos there! The Williamson would not have been my choice to take on a trial, but I'm sure he had fun.

By the way, to get a large view of the photos, I right-click on them and open in a new window.

thanks for sharing these great old photos.