Monday, May 21, 2012

A miscellania of motorcycling photos from my archive.....

At this moment in time, the Velobanjogent is like a "one legged tap dancer" much to do with three blogs to set up weekly,and little time to do it, so some research for another technical item from my literature is temporarily on "the back burner" and this post is a selection of photos from a folder on my computer hard drive titled "my pictures".....actually this folder is where all the good stuff is...
But these are not cataloged and some I've no information on who they are or when the photo was taken...
But they make interesting viewing.....
Enjoy them....
1936 German GP/The GP of Europe....Tyrell-Smith #92,Excelsior the eventual winner, overtakes the Italian Pigorini at the Hohenstein-Erntthal circuit.
 Want to know up a copy of Paul Ingham's "Excelsior, the racing years"
An intriguing early photo that I have no details for...
Bob Foster, A2, during a 1946 scramble.
Larry Devlin from Northern Ireland emailed me with the comment..."The photo was taken in Verviers, Belgium in August 1946, and riding A1 is  Bill Nicholson ( Billy Nick) from Northern Ireland....thanks Larry...DQ
Cecil Sandford on a Velocette MOV racer in 1953 at Eppynt.
Dave Jenkins, well known Australian road racer in the late 1930's/late 1940's on his 1935 Mk.1 KSS road bike.
Another evocative photograph showing an untidy start to an event on 4th July 1949 at Haddenham airfield circuit.
Australian Orrie Salter during the 1962 sidecar TT in the IOM. Salter later retired during the event.
Oran Park circuit, south of Sydney, now a housing estate...Noel Manning aboard his Hillman Imp engined outfit. 5th November 1967.
Australian Ted Carey, Bathurst 1952 on what appears to be a MOV Velocette. Ted by then had his special 250 DOHC MOV based racer and I suspect this was a bike he brought along to do some practice on.
My old Velocette Thruxton, bought new by me in Feb.1967 and sold to the pictured rider, Tony Keene. The photo appears to be at an Australian Velocette OC National Rally at Bundanoon in 1986.

And the following photo,is not motorcycle oriented and taken by me as a youth in the early 1950's on a trip with my Uncle and Aunt to Canberra. Taken outside the National War Memorial, it shows a Japanese midget submarine.
There was an attack in Sydney Harbour by three of these subs... one escaped and was lost off the coast, recently the wreck site was discovered.
The other two where depth charged.
The photo is actual parts of the two subs, set together.
A grisly coffin if ever there was one....

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Grandpa Jimbo said...

I hope you never run out of vintage photos because I enjoy them a lot! Much can be observed in these old photos because most all were taken with medium or large format cameras. Thanks, Jim A., Tucson, AZ