Saturday, September 15, 2012

VDO motorcycle Instruments for BMW pre 1969...that is R50,R60, R69S etc...some interesting information amassed by DQ over 30 years in business as KTT Services............

Retired now and having a large archive of instrumentation detail, drawings, exploded spare parts stuff for most motorcycles, I've been slowly featuring items on this blog....see Smiths in the search facility for British items, Motometer for BMW post 1969 and now some VDO information to cover the BMW motorcycles pre 1969. That is...R25,26,27 R50, R50S....R60, R68,R69,R69S etc and the information is applicable to other German motorcycles using this instrument type...Horex, Zundapp etc..
The 80mm diameter speedometer and 60mm diameter tachometer are covered.
Its a bit of a mixed bag of assorted facts...sure to help somebody...

The type of BMW covered by this information....
From a 1950's VDO catalogue...general speedometer information of the type.
BMW /2 speedometer location.
BMW model with instrument gearing and final drive ratio.

DQs notes made over the years....
Internal odometer gearsets for the various speedo ratios.
VDO information on internal odometer gearing.
Various BMW models covered.
Exploded spare part view of the speedometer.
 DQs notes on the trip reset shaft which often suffered rusting due to water entry around the reset knob. The method of construction to prevent water entry was very poor and didn't work. Often I had to make new shafts and or trip knobs.
60mm mechanical tachometer information.

Prior to the use of VDO speedometers, BMW used the German Veigel brand. Veigel was taken over by VDO in the 1950's.
I'm not covering these in this post.

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