Tuesday, July 2, 2013

W.F. Omodei Pty Ltd, the motorcycle accessory business in Sydney that I featured items previously- this is a small "factors catalogue" from immediately post WW2.

In previous posts, I mentioned I've most of the trade catalogs and literature items from W.F.Omodei Pty.Ltd. who were a business in the motorcycle trade in Sydney, Australia from the 1920's up into the 1990's when it finally closed it's doors.
Like many businesses world wide they produced catalogues of their wares...so called "factors catalogues".....in the UK Halfords, Marble Arch supplies, Pride and Clarke are all examples...
So I've scanned in a smaller one that is undated, but the illustration for the Amal type 276 carburettor is post war and of course on the cover Winston Churchill looks pleased with himself.
so I'm saying it is immediately post WW2....
Items available at the time, illustrated in these catalogues can be useful in tracking down items of a period that were accessories of the time.

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Richard Holt said...

Thanks for this, I've linked to it on my own blog, hope that suits.