Saturday, May 30, 2009

A look into some other racing photos from Keith Bryen's photo album....

Keith included another folder with the CD-R he gave me of his racing history in photos and it was titled...." Photos of other riders and bikes of the past".
What a little treasure trove of interesting pics which I just have to share with you over a few more blogs on and off in the next few months......
Left click on images to enlarge.....
Ken Kavenagh at Silverstone, late 1953

A G45 at Silverstone, late 1953

Silverstone, late 1953

The Norton team, Silverstone, late 1953

125cc works Mondial, Silverstone, late 1953

125cc works MV Augustas, Silverstone , late 1953

Silverstone, late 1953- Ken Kavenagh, Jack Brett and Ray Amm

125cc racing Tilbrook, circa 1952, made in South Australia.

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just when i thought i could not get any better , you topped your self okay, you got me gobsmacked lol dave