Saturday, May 2, 2009

More photos from Barry Sewell, Ulster motorcycle enthusiast.......

As I mentioned in my last blog, I've some of Barry Sewell's motorcycling photos to share with you.
He was active with his camera in the 1950's and 1960's in the Ulster Grand Prix and North West 200 races and visited the IOM TT and had several forays to the races at the Scarborough circuit on the UK mainland.
As mentioned also in the previous blog, thanks go to Barry for these photos and credit for their use goes to him.
Hopefully I'll have time for one more blog this coming week before there will be a gap of 2 weeks...I'm off to the USA to visit motorcycling friends, riding my Velocette KSS/scrambler special in the North American Velo OC "Spring Opener" ride and BBQ at John and Sue Ray's "Rancho Veloce" at Napa, Cal. and more riding around the hills near Placerville,Cal. in the former gold rush areas East of Sacramento with Velo/ Norton enthusiast and generally "good egg" Paul Adams.
I should be "on the air " again with a new log around 24th May.
Left click on images to enlarge....
I've three sidecar photos following and they contrast the development of the sidecar in 10 years.
The first is Willi Faust and passenger Karl Remmert on their 500cc BMW Rennsport outfit in 1955. They were the German National champions and World champions that year.
The next is Georg Auerbacher on his BMW Rennsport outfit and the following is Fritz Scheidegger also BMW Rennsport mounted.
Both photos taken at Kepple Gate during the 1965 IOM Sidecar TT.
An interesting engine the BMW Rennsport which proved dominant in sidecar racing throughout the 1950s and 1960s...I've published this photo of a Rennsport engine on the Munich BMW dealer Micheal Krauser's engine dyno taken by me during 1975, but it's worth a look again.

Off to the Oliver's Mount circuit at Scarborough....
The first pic following is Frank Cope is at a 1950 meeting on an AJS 7R sleeved down from 350cc to 250cc. Frank was no spring chicken age wise and when he reached 60 and couldn't get a UK racing licence, he emigrated to South Africa and raced for another 10-15 years...
The other is Frank Perris on a 498cc G45 Matchless, September 1953 meeting.

The following two pictures are of arch rivals Mike Hailwood on a 500 MV Augusta during the 1964 Ulster GP, and as Mike called him in later years... "the naughty" Phil Read, 250cc Yamaha mounted during the 1965 UGP.

The last photograph in this series is of Australian Tom Phillis, riding the experimental 500cc twin cylinder Domiracer Norton during the 1961 UGP.

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Robert Thanepohn said...

I know this is an old post but I did a search of an old neighbor I had in Bimbach Germany. Willi Faust. Found this page.

Herr Faust, who was in poor health, sold me his old 1976 BWM 1602.
This photo, or one like it, was on a couple of old postcards in the glove box. His sponsor was Fulda Gummi.