Saturday, August 29, 2009

More on....Ernst Henne… record breaking with BMW supercharged motorcycles….

In an earlier post about a year ago ( July 24th 2008 to be exact) I published a letter and photos from the German record breaker, Ernst Henne that Alan Schafer had written to.
Alan had an extensive series of scrap-book of cuttings from motorcycle magazines of the mid 1930's which he also gave to me years back.
I have good scanning equipment now, with an A3 sized scanner and so these newspaper cuttings can be scanned and prepared in Adobe Photoshop programs to give acceptable results for publishing.
These are some of the cuttings covering Henne's attack on the world motocycle record on 28th November 1937.
They likely came from the UK magazine "Motorcycling", ownership which now rests with Mortons Motorcycle Media to whom I make full acknowledgement.
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Brian b said...

A new generation is succeeding in breaking records with a BMW
Kevin Brooks of Brooks Motor Works and his Wife Barbara have set a SCTA class record at Bonneville this last month
They took their pre 1955 R50 vintage production pushrod 500cc to a record 100.33.
Kevin also prepared a 1951 R25 to a new vintage pushrod record of 69.224 mph

Anonymous said...

the last photo look,s just like the record attempt gilera of the 50,s i wonder if they are related? dave