Thursday, August 13, 2009

More racing photographs from Keith Bryen's album...1956.

The Australian privateer, Keith Bryen continues in 1956...he did a few of the European GP's and so for the next few blogs we'll feature this....
As mentioned, Keith kindly provided me copies of photographs from his private collection.
There is much interest in these posts from emails and comments....the concensus is the insight into the life of a privateer via the photos is great.
Keith, again, our thanks....
Left click on images to enlarge them...
We move to the Belgium GP at Spa-Francorchamps......
Keith sits on the grid for the 350cc GP in which he finished 13th.

Start of the 350cc Belgium GP.

On the grid for the 500cc Belgium GP.

At Solitude, for the German GP.

On the grid for the 350cc German GP, 22.07.1956, finished 8th.

On the grid for the 350cc German GP. with Keith Kavanagh on the works Moto

Start of the 350cc German GP.

Mathews, Bryen and Storr during the 350cc race, German GP at Solitude.

Bob Mathews, Keith Bryen, John Storr, 350cc German GP.

Just after the start of the 500cc 1956 German GP.

Keith during the 500cc German GP, he finished 6th.

Keith again during the 500cc German GP.

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Anonymous said...

i,m looking at the picture of the 350 german gp yer lad is in the second row behind the "stars" but i notice he,s in there in front of the works nsu,s and a couple of of factory dkw,s ect , is that how he got his guzzi ride?

' but i notice the works nsu