Thursday, May 27, 2010

Further on the Velocette LE 149cc side valve twin.

In an earlier blog.....
I featured the LE 149cc side valve twin.
I'm continuing with what was one of the earliest road tests of the motorcycle by George Beresford of "The MotorCycle".
Beresford was better known for his excellent technical exploded drawings used to illustrate many articles in "The MotorCycle".
As well there are pages of what was likely Veloce Ltd's first catalogue of the bike.
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 The LE 149cc when first introduced at the November 1948 Earles Court Motor Cycle Show.
A report in Dave Masters book,"Velocette 1905-1971, An Illustrated Reference", published 1976.
 I found the following while scanning some stuff for the Australian Velo OC magazine....
Just may be where Eugene Goodman of Veloce Ltd got the idea for the LE and the everyman machine....
"MotorCycling"...29th April 1936.


daveinnola said...

love this stuff our rent collector had one for years , he used to have a mac the size of a small tent pockets the size of haversacks , that was from 1948? i saw him in the mid seventies , riding the same bike with the same mac

daveinnola said...

the model in the 1948 earles court show also had the photo shoot on the vincent stand

Captain lockheed said...

Thanks for this, i own one of the later models, so close to being the perfect lightweight and lots of character too