Monday, May 24, 2010

More racing photographs from the 1950's from former Continental Circus rider and Moto Guzzi factory rider, Australian Keith Bryen.....

This is the eighth blog so far of Australian Keith Bryen's racing career and am currently in 1957, however Keith also included a folder with his own racing photos titled "Photos of other riders and bikes of the past".... so we are having a further peek into it and continue running these in this and future blogs....
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 Factory AJS racers at the Belgium GP in 1953

Bill Doran at the 1953 Senior TT weigh-in
West Australian, George Scott at the 1953 IOM TT.
Ray Amm at the 1953 Senior TT weigh-in.
Approaching the top of Begarrow Hill, IOM TT.
Australian factory Moto Guzzi rider, Keith Campbell on the 500cc V-8.
Frank Perris with mechanic Bill Lovet, 1956, UK.
NZer Peter Murphy, Matchless G45, 1953 IOM Senior TT weigh-in.Murphy retired during the race.

Australian Tony McAlpine and wife, Dutch TT.


Grandpa Jimbo said...

Dennis: Seeing these great photos from the past reminds me of: "Miniver Cheevy, sighs, 'tis fate, Miniver Cheevy, born too late". These photos could very well be me if I was born ten years sooner. Of course then I would be 10 years older now and maybe not riding anymore. The good old days are right now as far as I am concerned.

Jim A. 70 years old but somehow got stuck at 55.

daveinnola said...

another great set one day i,m going to put them all together in a slide show