Thursday, June 26, 2008

More on Earles Court Motorcycle Show Velocette Stands...

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into photographs that I want to share with you….
An earlier blog showed the September 1967 Earles Court Motor Cycle show with the sectioned Venom Thruxton on the Velocette stand.
Above is another view of this stand illustating another Thruxton with a fairing fitted and the sectioned Thruxton in the background, the rear of another is just visible to the right.
Also illustrated is a shadow board with Royal Enfield spare parts... Veloce Ltd purchased a spares cache valued at about £100,000 retail from the Royal Enfield liquidator for about £20,000... it couldn't come at a better time, as Veloce Ltd were reeling from a spiralling bank over-draft that was out of control and themselves staring liquidation in the face.
As it was it allowed them to trade for another three years before they themsleves closed forever.
The additional photo is obviously an advertising one for some product, illustrated in the riders hand with interested onlookers.
This is a "Motor Cycle" press photo, as is the upper one, taken at the 1966 Earles court Show on the Velocette stand and the picture published on 28th February 1967.
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I was wondering do you have any other information on the 1967 Motor show?