Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into photographs that I want to share with you….

Brooklands, the oval banked circuit that is near Weybridge in Surrey, England has been in the news recently for motorcyclists, with the 100th anniversary of the first motorcycle race there and all the "nobs" turned out many with historic racers that were used there.

Well I've several photographs to show you, one is the repairs to the banking during the winter of 1935, another of the late Chas. Mortimer Senior who had just collided with a barrel used as a marker, also during September 1935. I've also two of Les Archer, snr, attempting a 100 mile record...check out the sidecar...these were called "coffins"... can't imagine the passenger staring at the rapidly vanishing road surface for an hour....4th May 1932, they averaged 79.52mph.
Dai Gibberson also kindly sent me several of it's construction in around 1905....
Photo credits to Fox Photos, London, "The Motor Cycle", London and wherever Dai

sourced his from.....

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methanol martin said...

What about those brookland's build shots! - not much machinery about, but lots of men and timber works. How come we never see any real 'banked' track design these days? - I can only think of 'Indi' as a (known) banked track, but it is basically a big circle/ellipse.
Superb photo's Dennis.