Friday, June 6, 2008

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip in to photographs that I want to share with you….

It is my good fortune to have a well stocked library of motorcycling ( and occasional other) photographs and literature and as the current “custodian” I want to ensure they are made available to as many people as possible…so I’m indulging myself on a frequent basis with a pic or two from it….. Look on!….

What to start with.....?
In an earlier blog I described how in Jan.1974 we set out from Sydney to ride overland to Europe to fullfill what had been an ambition of mine, having read many stories of others who had made the same trip in both directions.
In London, another desire was to ride to the English Dragon Rally, held during the winter in Wales and to ride to Germany to the Elephant Rally. Held in mid winter in the Eiffel mountains I'd read reports of it many times. So in Feb.1975, I set out alone ( Judy "Piked out", so I took her sleeping bag as well as my own...), with Jim and Val Day on their R60 BMW, taking the cross channel ferry from Dover to Oostende in Belgium and then by road to the Nurburgring in the Eiffel mountains...boy was it cold riding... -10°C... but woops, I'll save the story for a future blog.
The picture shows us camped at the Nurburgring, bikes R50/5 BMW has now acquired an Avonaire fairing and the snow shows the weather....
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