Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book Review...Motorcycle Engine series...

The English motorcycle magazine “The Motor Cycle” published an excellent series on motorcycle engines in two editions, the first during 1951 and the second during 1955. There are Velocettes in both, the first edition has the Mk.8 KTT and the Mk.1 149cc LE ( the LE interview is reprinted in FTDU320, June 2002 and the KTT in FTDU329 of Spring 2004). The second edition has the swinging arm alloy MAC and the swinging arm MSS ( the MAC interview is reprinted in FTDU322 of Jan.2003 and the MSS interview in FTDU321 of Sept.2002).
Floyd Clymer the US publisher, long since dead, republished the first series, unsure when, but late 1960s/early 1970s is a good bet.
Then in Sydney Ron Ferguson of “Vintage & Veteran Motor books”, republished both editions, likely in 1980s.
Ron Ferguson died under mysterious circumstances and I am unsure if his publishing company still exists.
So how do you get one and what might they be worth today?
Ebay is a good bet as are some UK second hand booksellers, such as Pook books, MBPA etc. Here in Oz sometimes books show up at swap meets and a telephone call to Anand at Autobookworld in Sydney 02.9299.6669 could prove helpful.
Price wise ?...UK£15+, A$25 etc each.
Obviously the original series would be more sort after and perhaps cost more, but the information, drawings etc is the same in all the various editions.

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