Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into photographs that I want to share with you….

Continuing with another selection from Allan Schafer's literature collection, now in my custody....
Allan Schafer of Grafton, a town in northern NSW, Australia as a young man was a prolific letter writer to overseas motorcycling "greats". This one is a reply to his letter together with an autographed photo, from George Brough a flamboyant character in English motorcycling, whose motorcycle business did not survive after WW2.
Perhaps his motorcycles were better known in the hands of T.E.Lawrence..."Lawrence of Arabia" who was reputed to have owned seven and was killed on one. An earlier blog featured Eric Fernihough who also used Brough Superior motorcycles.
As I said , GB was a flamboyant character and the illustrated reply to Allan shows that...
Strangly the name Brough Superior has passed through various hands since then and is in the news again with the report that the business, British Only Austria, has purchased the naming rights etc with the intention of re-manufacturing Brough Superiors.
Time will tell whether it is just another pipe dream.

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