Saturday, September 6, 2008

Harley Davidson..."The Founders"......

I've not only Velocette material in my archive and this photograph is interesting and historic.
On the back is captioned..."The Founders"....
This founders image date is likely early1930’s The journal on desk in right foreground bears a title and date, a higher resolution scan reveals "Leading Advertisers 1930"
Fairly positive identities are as below:
In suit and tie at left, William S. Harley, Engineering.
In vest and shirtsleeves, William A. Davidson.
Seated signing document, Walter Davidson, President.
In suit with bow-tie at right, Arthur Davidson, Sales.
William A. Davidson died 1937.
Walter Davidson, September 30, 1876 - February 7, 1942.
William S. Harley died 1943.
Arthur Davidson, February 11, 1881 - December 30, 1950

I'm indebted to Neale Gentner from Queensland for assistance in the identification.
Left click on the image to enlarge.

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