Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into photographs that I want to share with you….

Continuing with another selection from Allan Schafer's literature collection, now in my custody....Allan Schafer of Grafton, a town in northern NSW, Australia as a young man was a prolific letter writer to overseas motorcycling "greats". This one is a reply to his letter together with an autographed photo, from Les Archer, from a flamboyant family in English motorcycling, who ran a business, father then son, both Les Archer, Known as Archers of Aldershot and "The Riders Agent" . The first photo shows father and son with what many consider an example of the mysterious Mk.6 KTT Velocette. The model that was never released...I'll do a future blog on this model KTT... factory records indicate three were use in the 1936 IOM TT, I've photos also of one in 1937 and the Archer one was taken then.
The second is Les Senior on a works Velocette "Dog Kennel" 350cc SOHC racer, at Quarter Bridge during the 1934 Junior TT, in which he finished 6th.

The bottom photo is a still of Les,snr, on the 1934 works Velocette in the paddock of the IOM.
This photo is acredited to S.R.Keig Ltd, code 1934/66.

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