Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Norm's Technicalities'...the latest in Velocette technical information.

Over the last five years, Norm Trigg, Technical Officer of the Australian Velocette Owners Club has produced regular "Technical Forums" in the club magazine FishTail Down Under ( FTDU), although he's collected information over a lifetime.

Norm had always wanted to publish this information but as is often the case many things seemed to always prevent it.
Keith Canning, the Club president and myself approached Norm almost two years ago to do so via the club. The club committee rallied and the project was underway. I collated what articles Norm had, some 75 pages of A5 magazine...Norm reviewed this, revised and added to it, with the finished product 100 pages.

This is a "must" for the serious Velocette Owners bookshelf.

All members of the Australian Velocette Owners Club will have received one in the post at no charge, this week, together with the current club magazine FTDU345.
The Club committee made the decision to sell the booklet to others not in the club for AUD$11...
£5, €6.40, US$9.50 plus postage.

Woo there.... we can't take individual orders...it overwhelms the volunteers over here in the club. So the decision has been made to sell bulk orders to the UK VOC, Dutch VOC, US VOC, NZ Velo Register.
They will contact us in due course with orders. So seek out a local Velo person who is a member of the Australian VOC and also in one of those clubs mentioned and there are quite a few overseas, have a look and I'm sure you'll want one.
It may be that individuals in the future can contact me to arrange copies, but not at this stage.
This may seem hard and even "unfair", but as I mentioned all clubs are run by volunteer help, we are not a commercial retail outlet.

Norm aboard his special 580cc Venom outfit with Dot in the chair... 2005 Australian Centenary Rally, Richmond, NSW.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis. Does much of Norm's book cover the pre-WWII Velocettes?

Pete Young