Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Japan became such a force in International Motorcycle Racing…..

Let me take you back to 1961….

The following photographs were scanned from a book published for Honda Motor at the time….

Titled, “The Race For Leadership”, the publication details are included in a scan below.

They clearly show the enormous effort the Japanese, in particular Honda Motor, made to be a force in motorcycle racing on the world stage.

The photo of the staff at Honda R and D in 1961 is staggering.

How could the British and European factories could hope to compete with this?

The fact that MV Augusta and some Italian factories did for as long as they did is amazing.

It was a steamroller unleashed.

The photos and items tell the story…

Read on…..

Left click on images to enlarge….

Acknowledgement is made to Mitsutoshi Kondo the editor and The Motor Sports land Ltd, publishers, for use of the items.


vintagent said...

I have this book as well...and you're right; there was simply no hope for the smaller and poorly funded Brit factories. Paladin said, 'no new technology', and he was right, but lots of new MONEY made the Honda team victorious. The photos are awesome, and it's clear this was a 'project' by the management, intended to stamp the brand indelibly in the minds of consumers. It worked. 'You meet the nicest people' trouncing you on the racetrack with a Million dollar motorcycle!

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neil leigh said...

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