Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures from my Archive… a frequent dip into photographs that I want to share with you….

Continuing with another selection from Allan Schafer's literature collection, now in my custody....
Allan Schafer of Grafton, a town in northern NSW, Australia as a young man was a prolific letter writer to overseas motorcycling "greats". These are some replies to his letters together with an autographed photo, from Jim Whalley and another of “Ginger” Wood astride a new 1937 New Imperial…”Ginger” was a flamboyant character in English motorcycling.

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Interesting the comment on the back of the photo of Jim Whalley..he seems to claim he is ( presumably in 1937 ) to be the only motorcycle agent to have entered a machine that won the Senior TT (1930).

Well my records show Walter Handley won on a works Rudge, not Whalley…but in my comprehensive pile of TT programs, the 1930 Senior program is missing, so I can’t check on who entered Handley….

He may be correct.

Whalley rode in the IOM TT races from 1921 to 1930, retired heaps of times and was 5th in the 1921 Junior TT on a Massey.


James Whalley said...

Hi, Jim Whalley was my grandads brother. My grandad was John Whalley who also races in the 1920's and 30's. Thank you for these pics!!!

Anonymous said...

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zacg said...


I have a bike that was allegedly built for Jim Whalley. I would like to research Jim. Can you help? I am in the UK. I can be emailed on

Many thanks


Leon Mitchell said...

You and Whalley are both correct re Handley's entry for the 1930 Senior TT. When Handley's Senior FN didn't materialise, he was without a ride. The Works Rudge team had a spare bike, and ofered Handley a ride. However the rules did not allow a change of make of machine. The solution was that Whalley offered his (non-works) Rudge entry, and Handley rode a works machine - indeed the fastest works machine - under Whalley's entry.
So technically Whalley "entered" Handley in the 1930 Senior, even though the bike was provided by the factory.