Sunday, February 1, 2009

Isle of Man Golden Jubilee T.T.- a souvenir booklet of real photographs.....

Following the death of Allen Burt, I was sorting through his papers and found this little booklet ...bought by Allen for 2/-, thats 20p/A$0.45 in todays money, at the 1958 TT.
It commemorates the 1957 Golden Jubilee of the TT.
I've scanned in the various pages and they are listed.
I guess they are available if you look...ebay? A specialist book seller?
Auto jumbles?
Dimensionally it is 3.5" x 2.75" ( 90 x 70mm).
What would you pay for them now?
Anybody's guess....
Left click on the images to enlarge.

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murrayoldtimer said...

Ah! Memories of the 1957 TT. My first ever visit to the Island as a young impressionable 13 year old. I still go every year, but to the MGP. I have a copy of the photograph booklet, tucked away in my motorcycle sport memorabilia. I also have a copy of the 'characture' book issued free of charge. Was it a Shell publication? Many thanks for putting the booklet on the web.
Paul (murrayoldtimer)