Wednesday, November 12, 2008

European Racing, featuring Velocette……some more pics

As mentioned in a previous blog, my archive includes racing Velocette photos from Europe...
When I lived in London in 1974 and 75, I scoured older photographic sources...S.R.Keig Ltd in IOM, Keystone Press Agency and Fox Photos in London, the daily newspapers...So following are some examples, probably not seen before, although all were in the business of selling their photos to the motorcycling press of the day.....
All photos in this blog are credited to Fox Photos, London.

The first photo shows Ted Mellors with his 1936 DOHC factory 348cc Velocette, engine number KTT482/5, frame 6TT2 at the start of the Junior TT.Despite Velocette having a new spring frame which Stanley Woods and Ernie Thomas used, Mellors rode with the previous years rigid frame and he also liked a block pattern front tyre.
The second photo shows Ted pushing off...
The third is a pensive Wal Handley aboard his factory SOHC "dog-Kennel" 348cc Velocette in the pit area for the first practice of the Ulster GP, 22nd August 1935.
The racing seats, visible and looking like the dual seat we know today, were known as the "Loch Ness Monster" seat by race chief Harold Willis and the patent for this dual seat, held by Veloce Ltd, was sold to Feridax Ltd, the motorcycle seat manufacturers...another Velocette innovation.
The final photo is of Australian Frank Mussett during the 1939 Junior IOM TT on his new Mk.8 KTT Velocette, probably engine number KTT830.He finished 10th.

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