Saturday, November 29, 2008

Racing in Australia, with the emphasis on Velocette…photos from bygone times...

More pics from Australian racing…. Enjoy!
Australia was a big market for Veloce Ltd up perhaps until the late 1950s and so racing machines from the factory frequently were sent to Sydney and Melbourne for the use of ace locals to promote the image of Velocette….very successfully I might add.For those interested in the racing history of Velocette, a perhaps new source of material for your own use or for publication in the future… please acknowledge the source should you capture an image and feel free to do so.
The first photo is taken in 1948 outside the premises of Bain and Kessing, both prominant Velo racers of the day. The machine on the left is a 1936 DOHC engine used in IOM TT that year, the machine to the right is known in Australian racing circles as "The Monster" and was a 1934 ex works 500 SOHC dog kennel machine.
The second pic is Gordon Harper on his ex works 350 KTT, unsure if it was a SOHC dog kennel engine or another of the 350 DOHC 1936 engines. Early 1950s.
Gordon had both types at one time or another.
The third photo is Alan Burt in an observed trial, known here as "sporting trials" on a MAC.Again in early 1950s at Moorebank on southern outskirts of Sydney.
The final pic is Frank Mussett & NZer Len Perry collecting their new Mk.8 KTTs at Veloce Ltd., prior to the 1939 IOM TT. Perry fell off in practice and severed a finger on his clutch hand and retired. Mussett finished 10th. Both bikes went back to Australia and NZ.
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methanol martin said...

Musset and Perry on the KTT's - I'm showing my naivety, but are rubber gators on rear shockies ever the norm, I haven't seen a bike with them until this photo.
Interestingly, Perry's bike has the rear brake arm drilled for weight saving (i guess every little bit counts!) Wouldn't it be great to be wearing a suit & tie, and be mounted on these machines!