Thursday, November 6, 2008

Racing in Australia. with the emphasis on Velocette…more photos

I'm still “on a roll” as they say, so more pics from Australian racing….
Left click on images to enlarge, where possible.

First photo is Alan Boyle on Les Slaughter's ex works KTT...either Ktt1029 or KTT1030, at Parramatta Park,Sydney September 1952. (Thanks to Jim Scaysbrook, editor and publisher of "Old Bike Australasia" for correctly identifying where this pic was taken).

Second photo is at The Poplars circuit on the outskirts of Sydney, Easter Saturday 1949, start of the second heat of the Minature TT championship event...#12 Les Slaughter, #3 Jack Forrest, #6 Sid Willis.

Third photo is of popular road racer the late Sid Lawrence on his MAC scrambler at Moorebank scambles circuit, south of Sydney.

Final photo is in the late 1970s at Amaroo Park road racing circuit on the Northern outskirts of Sydney. John Herrick makes "adjustments" to his "600cc squish head" Venom special, my KTT and Smith framed Carey headed MAC racer in the background.


David Blasco said...

Outstanding blog, and very generous of you to offer to share the photos (with proper credit). I am doing the blogspot blog
about Royal Enfield motorcycles and I haven't mastered the sophisticated look you have. I'm afraid to do too much because it seems once these blogs go screwy getting them fixed back up is a problem. In particuar, the spacing between paragraphs. All best!

vintagent said...

Hi Dennis,
In the second photo - looks like a mkVII and mkV; what is the third KTT? And is the mkVII, by chance, my bike? Looking for pix of KTT702...
all the best, Paul

Toni Lawrence said...

Number 93 is my dad Sid Lawrence :-) Nice to see his photo on here :-)