Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Racing in Australia. with the emphasis on Velocette…more photos from bygone times

I’m “on a roll” as they say, so more pics from Australian racing…. Enjoy!
… please acknowledge the source should you capture an image and feel free to do so.
Left click on images to enlarge, where possible
The first photo shows Les Diener with his new 1949 Mk.8 KTT, outside the premises of Borgelt's in Adelaide, the South Australian Velocette Distributor.

The second photo shows Les Diener again, unloading his trailer at the April, 1949 Australian GP motorcycle races at Bathust, NSW, after the 1000 mile drive from Adelaide..... interesting bikes on the trailer.

The third photo shows your estwhile editor aboard his then 1958 MSS ( Venom cams, MSS piston and 19T sprocket, otherwise standard and rode it to and from the meeting..timed at 99.2 mph along the slightly downhill 1¼ mile straight) chasing a Triumph in the Unlimited B & C grade races...came home 9th, Easter Motorcycle races, Bathurst NSW 1964.

Final picture is taken outside Bain and Kessing's motorcycle shop, Liverpool Road, Enfield, Sydney, during 1948 and shows one of the prewar DOHC works Velocette engines in a KTT front brake likely indicates it was going or had been used for some record attempt...

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