Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Racing in Australia. with the emphasis on Velocette…more photos from bygone times

Another selection of Australian racing Velocette oriented photos....
Looking at the statistics for the viewing of this blog…there of course are a great many out on the internet not from Australia where I live who wouldn’t be exposed to photos of Australian racing, in particular Velocette years ago.
Australia was a big market for Veloce Ltd up perhaps until the late 1950s and so racing machines from the factory frequently were sent to Sydney and Melbourne for the use of ace locals to promote the image of Velocette….very successfully I might add.
So continueing in following blogs I’ll run a series of photos, not in any particular order and encompassing road racing, scrambling, short circuit ( a local form of grass track is the best description ) and individuals with descriptions etc.
For those interested in the racing history of Velocette, a perhaps new source of material for your own use or for publication in the future… please acknowledge the source should you capture an image and feel free to do so.

First photo is of Stanley Woods with the works SOHC "dog-kennel" 350 Velocette at Phillip Island Feb.1937.
The second has Les Diener #31, KTT special and Alan Burt #15, Waggott DOHC Velo engined special...."hard at it", Mildura, Victoria, early 1950s.
The third is Billy Woodman on a Velocette KDT, leading Cec Weatherby, likely on a Mk.4 KTT at Penrith speedway, west of Sydney June 1936, during a heat of the 350 Australian Championship.
Final Shot shows Ernie Ring #14, Manx Norton with Dave Jenkins #88, likely on a P & R Williams ex.works KTT, e/no.KTT1030,Mt.Druitt, west of Sydney, late 1940s.

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methanol martin said...

Good shot of Les Diener and Alan Burt at Mildura in the early 50's. What sort of head was on Les's bike Vs the Waggot on Alan Burt's unit. Are there any of the Waggot heads surviving on velo's today?

vintagent said...

Oooh, the pic of the KDT on the dirt track is a stunner...