Sunday, January 21, 2018

W.F. Omodei Pty Ltd, was a business in the motorcycle trade in Sydney, Australia from the 1920's up into around 1990 when it finally closed it's doors...I've posted previously most of the Omodei accessory catalogues I have and this post illustrates another catalogue I have that comes from the very late 1920's, perhaps into the early 1930s....

I started with an earlier post on the Sydney business, W.F.Omodei Pty. Ltd with some of the many catalogues from UK and other countries trade houses, for Reg Hardy who was the manager for such a long time and the final owner, was an inveterate writer to these companies seeking products, distribution rights etc, making up some hand made data books, which were for the use of himself and his staff to identify parts required from counter and mail order inquiries to assist with sales. They are fascinating for this use, but now form a very useful reference tool... As well they had made up catalogues to the trade and this one I'm posting from is a little difficult to date but I feel sure is from the late 1920's into the early 1930's.
The address for them on the catalogue is "Wembley House", Central Square, Sydney, NSW.
I've chased up "Wembley House" and the following picture from a website shows it at 841 George St. Haymarket which is close to Railway Square the possible later name for Central Square...
 They finally moved into Pitt St. just around the corner and were there until they were given notice to vacate by the land lord in the 1990's, The Australian Gas Light Co.
Reg Hardy then considered it was time to retire and W.F.Omodei Pty. Ltd was no more.