Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Velocette Publicity photographs from a variety of sources....

Periodically I look through a folder of Velocette publicity photographs....those taken by professional photographers either from an older weekly motorcycling magazine such as "The MotorCycle" or "MotorCycling" or perhaps a photo bureau such as Fox Photos, Keystone Press Agency etc.
 To the copyright holders of all these I acknowledge their ownership.
As well four of the following images were kindly sent to me from Dai Gibberson, who has  worked tirelessly on a Velocette technical site as well as a Yahoo blogsite for Velocette discussion. 

Left click on the images to further enlarge....
1954 MSS 

1954 US specification 500cc Endurance model
1935 Factory 500cc Dog Kennel racer 

1934 model MOV 248cc road Velocette  
1960 model 350cc Viper Scrambler

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daveinnola said...

i liked them all but the photo with the tt winners transfer on the tank was the best