Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keith Bryen, Aussie privateer in the early 1950's on the Continental Circus...lets visit some more of his personal racing photos......

I've still a small "cache" of Keith Bryen's personal racing photos, kindly loaned to me several years ago by Keith and Gwen and as you will be aware I've run some 10 or so blogs on him so far...use the search facility over on the RHS of this blog to look at earlier ones, type in "Keith Bryen".
Lets have a look at some from 1953......

This will be the last blog over this Christmas period from me until after January 4th, as I'll be out of Sydney at the 65th Australian Jazz Convention at Orange, Central Western NSW from 26th December....thanks for supporting my blog ...
So a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Velobanjogent.
Left click on the images to enlarge....
Approaching Begarrow on IOM TT Circuit.
Approaching Ballaugh Bridge, IOM TT
Guthrie Memorial on IOM TT
Practice on his 500cc Norton, IOM TT, 1953
Keith Bryen with his 350 Norton at machine examination
Awaiting the start of the 500 TT in 1953. Keith Bryen #48 and Kev Kavenagh #42.

 Australians Keith Campbell and Gordon Laing
Keith's van and Nortons after the 1953 Dutch TT.
Len and Neil Tinker at the 1953 Belgium GP.
Gordon Laing with Len Tinker at the 1953 Belgium GP
Ray Amm and Ken Kavenagh look over the circuit at the 1953 Belgium GP.
Gilera factory team at the 1953 Belgium GP.
Moto Guzzi factory team at the 1953 Belgium GP.
On the road between GPs in Europe 1953..Ray Amm, Sid Willis, Tony McAlpine and Keith Bryen. Likely Tony and Sid's car and caravan.
Pit area at the Noris Ring, Nurnburg, 1953.
Riders and wives at the Noris Ring, 1953.
Keith at the German GP, Schotten, 19.07.1953, 9th in the 350 race and 11th in the 500 race.
Banking at the Avus ring, Berlin, 1953.
Another view of the banking at the Avus Ring, 1953.
Exit from the banking of the Avus Ring, Berlin, Keith came 6th in the 350 race.

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