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Merry christmas from The Velobanjogent and a look at some pix of Dennis Fry, Manx Norton racer, Velocette buff , IOM TT racer and co-rider with me on my Velocette Venom Thruxton in the 1971 Castrol 1000 6 hour race...

Dennis Fry is an over 80 year old Sydney motorcyclist who has spent his life riding Velocettes and racing Nortons.
His racing career saw him ride in many circuits in Eastern Australia including Bathurst and then in early 1960's he spent time in the UK, racing in the IOM TT in 1962, 1963, 1964.
When historic racing started in earnest in Sydney in 1976 Dennis concentrated in this field of racing. 
So lets have a look at a few photos I have through his career...

Dennis Fry, Gold Star BSA, Mt. Druitt circuit west of Sydney 1954

 Dennis Fry swings as passenger for Orrie Salter Mt Druitt circuit, west of Sydney, 1954

 Dennis Fry, mk.2 KSS Velocette, Bathurst TT, Easter 1955

 Orrie Salter with Dennis Fry in the chair, Mt Druitt circuit, west of Sydney  1956

 Dennis Fry, Mt.Druitt circuit, western Sydney,07.10.1957

 Dennis Fry, Bathurst, Easter 1959

Dennis Fry 350cc Junior  IOM TT 1962 29th place

 DF in 1962 Senior TT
 DF in 1962 Senior TT

1963 Senior TT

 12-6-1963 Dennis Fry on #41 & Billy Nelson on #42 350cc Junior IOM TT

1964 Senior IOM TT

 Dennis Fry crashes at Quarter Bridge, 1964 IOM TT
Dennis Fry,1964 Senior TT,Quarter Bridge, "The MotorCycle" 11.06.1964 
Dennis Fry, West German GP, Solitude 1964

Dennis Fry sits at the back in the pits with DQs Velocette Thruxton during practice for the 1971 Castrol 6 Hour Race at amaroo Park.

 Dennis Fry, DQs co-rider, 1967 Velocette Venom Thruxton, 1971 Castrol 6 hour race.

  Hume Weir circuit on Victoria/NSW border, #88 Dennis Fry, #4 Ron Angel, 26.01.1964

 Dennis Fry, Oran Park circuit, south of Sydney 1970

 Dennis Fry, pushes off Feature race, Oran Park circuit south of Sydney, mid 1972

  DF at Bathurst circuit for the Historic Feature race, Easter 1978
 DF, Amaroo Park circuit, north of Sydney early 1979.
Dennis Frys KTT in 350 Manx rolling chassis, Amaroo Park November 1976
2005... 100 years of Velocette week long rally held at Richmond, NSW ...DF changes a plug on his recalcitrant starting Velocette...
2005... 100 years of Velocette week long rally held at Richmond, NSW ...Alan Burt in wheelchair, Roly Walker to left, John Herrick centre & Dennis Fry to the right...
 Olav Hassell Velo Ride, Sydney area,  Aug.2008 -Olav from Los Angeles with Dennis Fry & his 1947 KSS owned forever.
Dennis Fry with one of his KSS mk.2 Velocettes...pic in mid 2009 on a Velocette ride...  
2011 Nat.Australian Velo Rally, Toowoomba, 11.10.2011 TT carb. equiped & other quaint mods-Dennis Fry.
Same 2011 VOCA Nat.Rally.... Drew Duncan & Dennis Fry..
 At the 2012 VOCA Nat. Velocette Rally in Bundanoon, NSW, Dennis Fry is re-united with the 1971 6 hour race Thruxton Velocette..
 During the 2012 Bundanoon Rally, one of the rides took us to the HARS airport, Albion Park south of Sydney where there is a Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft in QANTAS livery... and Dennis Fry was a sheet metal worker for QANTAS and worked on this aircraft type.
 Dennis fry outside the hanger of the Super Connie during the Rally.....
Dennis Fry in his workshop, late 2018...likely leaning on his 1947 mk.2 KSS Velocette

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