Friday, January 1, 2021

Another look at some of the pix from Morton's Motorcycle Media during DQ & Gert Boll's archival trip to the UK in Nov. 2017

 If you look at the index to my blog over on the RHS you'll see posts I've made with my good friend Gert Boll from Germany... we first started this in 2015 then 2016 and 2017.... Each year we visited Morton's Motorcycle Media in Hornchurch, Lincs., UK & liaised with the editor of "The Classic Motorcycle", James Robinson & Jane Skayman Morton's archivist in our Velocette research....

In this post I'm going to feature some of the little used scrapbooks from the late 1930's... made of brown paper sheeting and containing the unused photos taken during the IOM TT & some European GPs... you'll see they have indian ink hand numbering codes, but the index to these codes has been lost over the years to now, so we can only use other methods to identify these images.... this time I'm leaving it mostly to you to research the pix.... I'd welcome any comments you can make of the images by emailing me....

Dennis Quinlan... 

There are other images of drawing made by the artists employed by "The MotorCycle" and "MotorCycling".... they are of interest....

So stroll through some of the photos I took that year......

IOM TT weigh in ..
Stanley Woods works Velocette  IOM TT
Ted Mellors, works Velocette, Ulster GP 1938
Velo Viceroy Hovercraft "The MotorCycle" 25.10.1966
Velocette Viceroy scooter at docks

Works DKW, Belgium GP 26.06.1938

1947 TT practice, factory TT Velocette

Amal Matchbox float chamber

Bob Currie 02.01.1967, Velo Venom special


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